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The history of Zurbuchen Bodenschutz began in 2002 with a single-tooth mole plough. At that time, we created mole drains for farms in the region. Our interest in loosening techniques was aroused in 2003 after our farmland was completely compacted after a wet carrot harvest. In order to save the soil, we were looking for a new technique. We found our salvation in Denmark – the special subsoiler HWS 2. In the following years, we were thrilled to see that our work with the subsoiler had an extremely positive effect on crop growth. Consequently, this paved the way for our business in soil-recultivation.

It did not take long until our machinery and work methods gained recognition in other regions. In 2008, we then obtained our first major cantonal contract and thus, the Zurbuchen Bodenschutz GmbH was founded. After that, we also started gathering our first experiences in hydroseeding. Every new contract challenged our spirit of development. In time, we became a comprehensive service provider in the area of soil-recultivation and greening solutions. In 2014, German clients with interesting projects even inspired us to cross country borders.


We expanded our fleet of machinery in 2017 with the caterpillar tractor 8RT 8360 from John Deere; the first ever in Switzerland. Our special contracts require that we have machinery, which is not available on the market. This machinery is then developed, manufactured and tested by the Zurbuchen Technik & Dienste AG based on the respective project.

Project samples: 


We set up a network of competent partner companies, to be able to support our projects with the respective quality across various regions and even countries. Today, we consider ourselves specialists in the area of soil-recultivation, who realize large-scale projects in the German-speaking region. Meanwhile, we have several permanent employees, who are supported by experienced seasonal workers during specific seasons. 

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